The Porter Family Album

The Porters
Carrie & Ben
Freda And Veda, the Twins
The Porters
Sanfords and Newkirks
The Cabin

of all family members

Sept. 1921
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Laura Burch Porter
"Mother Porter"
Ben Porter's Mother
b.Feb 16, 1867 d.Jan 24, 1956

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Upper left -
Dallas Sr. and Dorine Schmidt
Upper right Jim Porter
Lower Right - Ben Porter
Probably taken by Carrie Sanford Porter
We don't know who the others are.
Sept 1921
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Larua Burh Porter
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Ben's Sisters
Left, Anna Matilda Porter (Tilla) 1900-1989
Right. Laura Mary Porter 1905 - 1999?

cir. 1930

Ben with Brothers, Sisters & Parents

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David Benjamin Porter
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Sanford Family Reunion
"Mother Porter" in foreground

cir. 1950
"Four Generations"
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Ben Porter w/Fred Schmidt,
Laura Porter, Dorene Schmidt,
Dallas, Jr. and Charles Schmidt