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Vidal Aragon
Sterling Silver Bolo Tie Slide

View 1
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Side 1
74" X 35"
To show both ends of rug View 1 and 2
are taken from same end.
View 2
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Side 2
Flipped side to side
View 3
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Side 1
To show both ends of rug View 3and 4
are taken from other end of rug.
View 4
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Side 2
Flipped side to side

View 5
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Side Edge

View 6
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This Bolo tie was given to Winfred Allen's husband by Vidal Aragon. The slide is signed and stamped with Vidal's joined VA initrials and his bear foot-print.
Vidal and Win were close friends during the early ninteen-sixties and remained friends until her death in 2007.
Unfortunately one of the silver ends is missing, but whether or not they were Vidal's work is in question for the one we have still is not signed.

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