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This is an original oil painting of a Ringling Brothers Circus clown painted in 1947 or 48 in Santa Fe N.M. when the circus performed there. It was painted by a man named Nordburg who was a visiting friend of Walter W. Dawley for Walter's young son, Davy, who had watched the clown "Spike" pose for the original drawing. Walter made a frame for the work and hung it in his home where it remained until 1965 or so when Winfred, by then Walt's former wife, moved to Kansas City and handed it down to Dave. The tomtom in the painting was young Davy's and was adapted into the painting by th artist.
The name "Spike" is on the back of all four sides of the frame which was being cut to fit this work. The frame was hand made and rustically painted by Walter.
The painting now hangs in Dave's home and will be offered for sale or auction soon.

Due to reproduction constraints, some detail and color is lost in the above electronic reproduction.

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From Siegfried
Art work 9-3/4" X 12"
Very Good condition
Framed in metal with textured black finish.

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