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Dane Rudhyar
(born Daniel Chennevière)

Fantasy is behind glass. It has been framed more than once. The work itself is in good condition.

This work has been passed down to me by my mother, Win Allen, the former Mrs. Walter W. Dawley.

It was originally framed by artist Walter W. Dawley, back in 1948. That portion showing within the mat is 10 1/4" X 13".

Ms. Allen could not remember whether Dane himself or Walter matted it. The gray seen around the work is the original mat.

As the pencil sketch beneath the image is visible in some areas, we believe it is a watercolor on watercolor paper. In many places the colors were laid on heavily, which make it, at first glance, appear to be watered down tempera.

The piece is signed in the dark area at the lower right corner. The signature is unobtrusive. You must really look to see it

Another signature, naming the piece "Fantasy" was on the back of the original framing. During the single reframing this piece has undergone, the original backing was removed. However, that portion of the backing with signature, date and piece name is still with the work. In this photo of the signature on the back, beneath the masking tape, you can just see $40, the price the Mr. Rudhyar placed on the work at the time of a art show mentioned below.

In 1948 Walter Dawley and his wife, Winfred opened a small gallery in the adobe house next door to the Oldest House in the U.S.A in Santa Fe, N.M.. During that time they had several exhibits or shows featuring Santa Fe artists, and at that particular time, though not in town much, Dane Rudhyar was considered by locals as a Santa Fe Artist. After one of the shows wherein his paintings were shown along with others, he required some framing. He traded this piece for Mr. Dawley's framing talents. Ms. Allen recalls that under this arrangement Mr. Rudhyar had 3 or 4 of his other works framed.

Though he was at the time considered a Santa Fe artist, Ms. Allen says, "He did not hang out with the rest of the pack, so to speak." So she and her husband seldom socialized with him. During that period, she says, he was a very busy man, always off on a trip to New York or elsewhere. Actually, seldom in town.

Below are a few links to web sites dealing with Dane Rudhyar, but to appreciate the full scope of the man's ongoing influence one needs simply to go to any search engine and type in Dane Rudhyar. There are hundreds of links to his poetry, his philosophy, his theories and so on. He and his written work have a large following.

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