Chuzo Tamotzu's Art
1888 - 1975

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The true color of this print is about half way between the above and that seen in the signature. It has aged with time.
This print is on a 9-1/2" X 12-1/2" paper. The print area is 8-3/8" X 10". It is framed, but will need to be placed in a more appropriate frame.
Due to reproduction constraints, some detail and color is lost in the above electronic reproduction.

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Chuzo Tamotzu Print
9-1/2"X 12-1/2"

This piece was acquired from the artist by fellow Santa Fe artist, Walter W. Dawley and his wife Winfred and hung in their home on Upper Canyon Road. The couple was divorced, in 1960 and in 1965 or so Winfred moved to Kansas City. It stayed with her until 2005 when she handed it down to her son, who still resides in Kansas City.
This work will soon be placed for sale with either a gallery or an auction house.

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