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About The Models

In a 1977 interview Mr. Dawley said this about his models -

"A tremendous credit must be given to my models, for the artist is only the filter that transmits the quality of the model to paper or canvas. I can't just call an agency and have them send up someone to pose. often I will spend months 'seducing' a model into posing for me. Her personality and that ephemeral, undefinable quality that epitomize modern feminity are what make the painting."

For several years, the artist "collected" his models on color slides - becoming a reasonably good photographer in the process - and thus having them available at any time. The slides are relitively "unposed"; as Robert Henri points out, ". . .the first 30 seconds of the pose are all the artist has - thereafter, the model is only a reference to refer back to as the life of the action is now gone." The slide is capable of keeping that freshness until the artist is ready to work.

Walter concluded by saying "The models are all women of unusual character, carefully selected from hundreds of acquaintances made in centers of artistic activity where such people are likely to congregate. These young women are, hopefully, archtypical commentaries on our comtemporary culture."


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